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Foldable portable physiotherapy bed

  • Holder/owner: Korovesis Athanasios ( /
    Patent-No. 1005650, issued 19.09.2007, registration number: 20060100299 22.05.2006
  • 1st modification: registered 29.10.2007, registration number: 20070100656
  • 2nd modification: registered 19.09.2008, registration number: 20080100605
    Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (

The subject is a foldable, portable physiotherapy bed used by therapists during home visits.

Such a bed already exists. This bed is folded at two points, resulting in a folded size of 100 x 60 x 15 cm. These dimensions are not practical if the bed is to be transported in a small trunk, on a motorcycle or on a trolley. The height of this bed is fixed or, in some cases, permanently variable, while its upholstery remains exposed to the outside.

The main technical features are as follows:

  1. Folding is done in four points and in smaller dimensions, approx. 60 x 50 x 20 cm, which facilitates its transportation and storage.
  2. The height can be adjusted in several steps at the time of unfolding, according to the user’s needs.
  3. The closing of the edges is done with a rotational movement in the opposite direction to that of the middle positions, enclosing and protecting the upholstery.
  4. The height is adjustable, and the bed can be moved, which facilitates the use of the bed by a person with limited mobility. It also facilitates the work of the therapist, who can adjust the height of the bed during the therapy if necessary. (Characteristics of the third modification, deposited with the notary).

The proportional differential force applied to the rotating lever (VIDEO 1) for up and down movement is estimated to be about 1/20. For example, if the table has a gross weight of one hundred kilos, you must apply a pressure of five kilos on the lever.

The specific functions, especially the adjustment of the height, are carried out by simple techniques that do not increase the production costs excessively if this is done by special mechanisms and without any common points, compared to the plans of previous patents, according to the research reports for the first registration as well as the two modifications.

The illustrations show the construction of the third modification. The design and construction were done by the owner since he is also the user and can test it in vivo.

I am looking for interested builders or dealers for production. The bed is available upon request.

Foldable portable physiotherapy bed (new patent)

Foldable portable physiotherapy bed (new patent, version 5)

Foldable portable physiotherapy bed (new patent, version 6)