Instructions before and after your session

What do I need to be aware of before and after my session?

Medical history

If you are going to have a session, you should inform me if you currently suffer or have suffered in the past from any of the following medical conditions, but especially cardiovascular, respiratory, thyroid, psychological or neurological disorders treated with medication, cardiopathy, hepatitis, hypotension or hypertension, allergies of any kind, problems caused by accidents, previous surgical operations, pregnancy and menstruation, as some techniques may have adverse effects on any of these conditions. It is highly recommended that you write down these elements so that you can send them by email.

If you are uncomfortable disclosing your medical history, you should seek medical advice.

Consumption of alcohol

You should avoid alcoholic beverages as much as possible before and after each session; main meals should be taken two hours before and half an hour after exposure to sunlight and up to eight hours after application of essential oils, especially during the summer months. You should seek professional medical advice for any new symptoms before undergoing any medical treatment.


In certain situations, such as chronic mental illness for which psychotropic medications have been prescribed by a physician or cancer treatment with chemotherapy, it may be necessary for sessions to be conducted under medical or laboratory supervision.

When will I see results?

The period of gradual suppression of symptoms after each session varies from person to person, depending on the stage and duration of the condition being treated and/or the overall physical condition of the patient being treated, and this period may range from a few hours to seven to ten days without further sessions. During this time, the session is usually not repeated unless the condition itself and the symptoms indicate that it needs to be repeated.

How long does a session take?

Each session, using some or all of the appropriate methods, typically lasts one hour. Each session lasts approximately two hours in total. Sessions are held at your location.

What am I allowed to wear during a session?

You are welcome to wear any clothing during the sessions, including tracksuits, but please note that some techniques may not be applicable in that case.