Curriculum Vitae

Thanassis Korovessis

  • Studies on shiatsu, combined with knowledge of reflexology, classic muscle massage and arthritic actuation in 1993. (N. Avgerinopoulou Laboratory of Liberal Studies, Athens).
  • Basic mind control seminar (Silva method), July 1992.
  • Lessons on the traditional Greek method of bioenergy – biomagnetism, by techniques based on Pythagoras’ philosophy (provided to chosen people with naturally reinforced bioenergetic capacities), in 1993. (Maria Makri Laboratory of Liberal Studies, Athens).
  • Seminar on transcendental meditation of the international movement Maharishi in 2000.
  • Reiki Seminar of 1st grade (January 2005) (Dora Apostolopoulou Institutes of Reiki Master Teacher –
  • Seminar on personal bioenergetic and biomagnetic evolution by techniques activating the energy centers and exploitation of the biological and telekinetic energy in 2008 (Piraeus Philosophical Body, 26 Panagi Tsaldari & Dionysiou Aeropagitou Streets, Amfiali; decision of the Single-member Court of First Instance of Piraeus, No. 4709/2004. Chairman Trainer: Panayotis Senteris: Yoga – Kung Fu tutor /
  • Reiki Seminar of 2nd grade (February 2009) (trainer: Dionysia Klarinetatzi Reiki Master Teacher,
  • Reiki merkaba Seminar, November 2009 (trainer: Dionysia Klarinetatzi Reiki Master Teacher,
  • Shiatsu trainer, an associate of the Laboratory of Liberal Studies and Bioaesthetics Institute, 23 Panagi Kyriakou Street, Athens, after retraining in 1996. Tutor: Maria Dolores Friaz Lopez = Master of the Bioaesthetics Institute of National German Academy, Tel. 210/6464646 (a company based in Barcelona),
  • Since 1993, working as a freelancer and collaborating with aesthetic institutes and gyms.

Examples of successful treatments

A case of back pain

A case of ankylosis