What is a bioenergy treatment?

A bioenergy treatment uses natural biological energy that is moved by the energy centers and neurotransmissions of the person performing the treatment; this energy has mainly electromagnetic form with similar characteristics to artificial electromagnetic energy (such as power, range, formation and frequency of waves, formation and structure of magnetic lines and impulse vibrations moving in the case of fluid or mass-energy field, and permeability of inorganic and organic matter), convertible from natural resources such as cosmic energy, earth radiation, food combustion and oxygenation.

chakra river of gem stones on driftwood

Bioenergy is a form of energy in a more condensed and amplified state in relation to the cosmic, which can be detected by technical measuring sensors (photographic registration of infrared radiation by the Kirlian method, radio-detecting devices, devices measuring the electromagnetic field in subdivisions of the Gauss scale). It is usually controlled by meditation techniques of programming – similar to telekinetics on inorganic matter, which can also be applied in shiatsu application; this thing offers great acceleration to the desired result.

chakra river of gem stones on driftwood

This method can be preceded by techniques of induction and extraction of accumulated energy charges of disordered operating conditions (by a percentage of origin of external environmental radiation, not compatible and convertible to a normal formation of the natural energy of neurotransmitter dynamics and any other energy flow in all cellular tissues); they preserve the information data (without this being known if there is full evidence according to laboratory experiments); Hereditary factors, transplantations, memory phenomena and repetition of symptomatic reactions to previous diseases, neurotransmitter disorders or in general complications of free movement of dynamics in all categories of cellular tissues, such as muscles, disorders of personal cellular or total organic magnetic polarity and balance between centripetal – centrifugal movement of dynamics, thus releasing the fastest action of new, appropriately formatted vital energy.

The amount of energy provided has the capacity to be formatted voluntarily or spontaneously, depending on the situation of the disorder present at any given time, which is a characteristic that distinguishes it from other forms of energy produced artificially for treatment reasons under standard formations and frequencies.

Bioenergy treatment is a method that provokes a significant acceleration of recovery, especially in psychological and mental disorders. However, in many cases, it also provokes the revocation of memory of various conceptual situations that are or have been caused by the intake of depressive or consciousness-altering drugs and a significant increase in the chances of stopping the addiction to them.

The lack of evidence for the phenomenon of transfer and maintenance of coded information from forms of energy from natural or artificial resources, hereditary factors or even transplantations (without this being rejected according to the repeated cases and the results of experiments that constitute indications, without excluding the chance to exist full evidence by laboratory experiments and the participation of technological equipment, without such a case being widely known). They can provoke changes of behavior or conduct, psychic or mental disorders, the appearance of new sentimental experiences through unconscious situations, allergic reactions and symptoms of obvious pathological reasons, limiting the control of the therapeutic results, both the bioenergetic treatment and the other methods; in clinical or laboratory medical examinations, in the Kirlian method for the comparison, before and after the treatment, the difference and the rehabilitation to the normal formation and the measurement of the tension and the range of the bioenergetic field of the organism to the changes of reinforcement as for the defense against the external environmental radiations. This situation can be maintained either by regular repetition of specific techniques by the recipient himself or by the use of crystals and other minerals that can accumulate bioenergy reinforcing a living organism with which it is in contact.

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